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Historical archives

This section is your gateway to the past revisions of eXonyte's Realm and its precursors. There are many things that are long lost, not to mention many things that should have been. In the name of preservation, I have restored these sites to the best of my ability.


Revision 6: eXonyte's Realm, white era

screenshotThis version of the website was running through the shutdown of MSN Chat. Without a new direction, site activity slowly declined until the site was closed down in late 2008.


Revision 5: eXonyte's Realm, blue era

The blue era saw the Realm at the height of its popularity. Thanks to eXonyte's activities with Vincula and the MSN Chat community at large, there was a large draw to the site. At its peak there was a chatroom on MSN Chat dedicated to the site, constant postings and commenting, and for a short while even an internet radio station. Unfortunately, the database hosting this revision was lost in a hard drive crash so only the template remains. (Screenshot and link to come).