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In this category you will find posts about technology in general. You may find anything from tutorials to troubleshooting tips, to musings on tech in general.


A podcast, and revamped social media links

Posted by eXonyte at 1:54 PM

While enjoying my day off for July 4th, I decided to make it a day to catch up on a few projects. First, which ended up taking a lot longer than I expected, is to overhaul my social media links here on The Realm. I haven't been happy with the original icons I was using, but it took starting a podcast with some friends to give me that push to finally redo them.

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The printer that murdered Outlook

Posted by eXonyte at 11:42 AM

When your job entails doing IT support, you occasionally come across some odd behaviors. While it's pretty common in line of business applications or niche software, it's not every day that you find a fatal conflict between Microsoft Office and an HP LaserJet printer.

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