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Trying out Microsoft Flow

Posted by eXonyte at 11:31 PM

I wrote this post to see how Microsoft Flow handles taking an RSS feed update, and automatically posting it to my Facebook.

Being the unapologetic Microsoft fanboy that I am, I never gave much thought to IFTTT. This is mainly due to a lack of support for Windows Mobile, just like almost everyone else. Maybe I'm a little bitter? Eventually, Microsoft revealed their Flow service, which is very similar. Effectively, you can link a bunch of services and then trigger actions automatically, or by manual button press. In this case, I have set up an action to post to Facebook each time a new article is posted here on my website. Unfortunately, the only way to actually test this is to write a post. This was also complicated by the fact that I had been quite lazy in updating my MODX installation, so TinyMCE was not working. So in the end, I've gotten off of my lazy butt and not only updated MODX, but attempted to fix a Disqus integration issue and written a full on post. So far, only two of those items have been successful, but Disqus says it could take up to 24 hours, so I suppose we shall see.

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