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I am still here

Posted by eXonyte at 5:52 PM

Funny how plans change over time. I never intended to go over a year in silence, but as everyone knows: sometimes life gets in the way. I'm involved in a lot of projects and events, both personal and at work, so perhaps I can extract a few stories or lessons to share out of those pools. Stay tuned, as I am still here...



Live Tile support

Posted by eXonyte at 11:08 AM

After posting the previous article, I decided to make some tweaks and improvements to the Realm. Aside from updating the MODX backend, I've also added Live Tile support. I realize that the majority of people will never use such a feature, but as someone who is heavily invested in current Microsoft platforms I found it to be an interesting exercise.

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The start of something new

Posted by eXonyte at 12:51 AM

Tonight, the first night of 2014, is the relatively quiet but long-in-coming relaunch of the Realm. Welcome. I don't think I've ever written it out before, so here is a history lesson on how eXonyte's Realm came to be.

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